Works in Progress

Here is my collection of current WIPs:

Soul Thief

Sixteen year old Riley wakes up at the scene of an accident, disorientated and confused. Amidst all the chaos, she stumbles upon a girl who seems totally out of place. Riley is convinced the girl is a hallucination, but has to change her mind when she meets her again at the hospital. The girl, Diana, is an Angel of Death. She has no idea why Riley can see her, except that maybe she’s an Angel of Death herself.

Diana takes Riley to the Tribunal, a gang of Elders who will decide her fate. Halflings like Riley are frowned upon after what happened when a Halfling turned against Heaven two centuries ago. But they decide to give Riley a chance – if she learns how to control her powers. She’s teamed up with Guardian Leander, who teaches her the basics of what it means to be an Angel of Death. Riley finds herself falling for Leander, despite who he is, even though she hasn’t come to terms with her heritage herself.

But she has worse problems to deal with. Girls her ages have been dying in mysterious circumstances. The official cause of death is heart attack, but three teenagers suffering from a heart attack in little more than a week has made everyone suspicious. When Leander discovers the girls’ names weren’t in the Book of Death – a book that dictates who’s going to die soon – they figure out that the culprit may be a supernatural creature. And only two supernaturals are capable of doing this: a Reaper, the demonic equivalent of an Angel of Death, or a rogue Angel…

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