Book Excerpt and Giveaway

Book Excerpt “Can we go to Merabel and go down a—?” But a sudden noise overhead interrupted Amelia’s question. She looked up. A large red spaceship flew past. “Uglesnoo, what’s that?” “Oh no. Oh no, no, no. Jumping Jupiter. That’s the Venutons’ spaceship!” “What? Do you mean they’ve followed us out here?” “Yes, which means we’re in big trouble!” “What […]

Proomo Post The Purple Heart Detective Agency

About The Book Title: The Purple Heart Detective Agency Author: Rock Neelly Genre: Comedy / Mystery “What do wounded warriors do when they return from war missing a leg or two? These tough guys start The Purple Heart Detective Agency. Using battle-tested skills, laughing all the way, when others have turned their backs, these sleuths solve mysteries. Rock Neelly’s novel […]