Monthly Goals June 2019

A new month, time for some new goals. I didn’t do too well on my goals for last month, so I hope I can make up for it this June, although the month is looking pretty busy already… Finish first draft of Wicked Blood (Blood Witch #1). Total: 0k/60-70k words. Review three books for Ind’Tale Magazine (Total: 0/3). Review five […]

Cover Reveal Demonic Pact

Today is the cover reveal for Demonic Pact, the sequel to The Soul Thief. The cover looks amazing, if you ask me, but I would love to hear your opinions. Here it is: And here is the list of wonderful people who signed up to host my cover reveal. Thank you all so much! 5 Girls Book Reviews Book Plus […]

Age of Love Interest in YA Paranormal

I never really focused on the age of the love interest in YA paranormal books. I guess, growing up watching Buffy who was super-awesome and dated hundred-year-old hunks (aka Angel and Spike), I never really cared about the age difference when it comes to paranormal books. So Buffy dated guys six, seven times her age, sometimes more. But these guys […]

A Little Bit of Fun with Cliché Sentences

One reviewer mentioned the use of several cliché sentences in my book, and how they were used over and over again. It made me curious, so I did a quick search through The Soul Thief (.pdf format, makes it easy to look for sentences) to see if the reviewer was right or not. Here are the sentences. bile rose up […]

The Soul Thief is on tour!

The Soul Thief is officially on tour. The tour will run from March 1st until April 1st, and the book will visit tons of blogs. I’m super-excited. Here is the tour schedule: March 1st- Girls Heart Books Tours– Schedule Mikky’s World of Books– Excerpt   March 2nd- Deal Sharing Aunt– Author Spotlight   March 3rd- Mythical Books– Top 5   […]