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Even though she’s the adopted daughter of one of the witches of the Seven Kingdoms, sixteen-year-old Lyssa considers her life anything but adventurous.

That is, until the witch leaves for the annual Walpurgis Night festivities and leaves Lyssa and her two stepbrothers home alone. A Fairy Godmother tumbles through their window, asking for their help to save Princess Briar, whose been cursed to sleep forever. But before Lyssa can explain that she has no magical abilities herself, and her stepbrothers aren’t exactly the greatest wizards in the entire Enchanted Woods either, the Big Bad Wolf pops up on their doorstep. Aided by a horde of evil harpies, weatherwolves and golems, the wolf wants to hold Lyssa hostage and sell her to one of his clients.

In the midst of the battle, after the Fairy Godmother sacrifices herself to help Lyssa and her stepbrothers escape on a flying carpet, Lyssa promises her that they will help Princess Briar…a promise she may not be able to keep.

In order to save Princess Briar, they must travel to the Mirror on the Wall, the only one who knows a way to break the curse. From waking up ancient dragons, to being possessed by spirits, surviving the Hallway of a Thousand Deaths, and battling an evil necromancer, danger is never far away.

Lyssa must put everything – friendship, family and maybe even love – on the line to save Briar. Because if she can’t, then not only the Princess, but her entire kingdom, will be asleep…forever.

The Sleeping Kingdom is a YA fantasy novel, completed at 75,000 words. It’s a stand-alone, but has series potential.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you’re interested in this manuscript.

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