I Heart Designs

I recently revamped a website for my book cover design services, I Heart Designs. My previous design was okay, but it lacked a certain flexibility and the font wasn’t always easy to read. The revamp took about a week (more work than all my other websites combined) but I’m glad with the way it looks now. I took some screenshots […]

Websites Revamped

I spent most of last week revamping three of my websites. I’m working on the fourth one now, and then I have some updates and tweaks to do on here. Next up, I’ll probably work some more on my horror blog and maybe on secret project #1 or #2. Anyway, here’s what I’ve done so far. Click on the pictures […]

New Year’s Resolutions 2016

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2016 brings you good health, a lot of happiness, great friends, fun family moments and memories that you’ll cherish forever. 🙂 As is typical with the New Year, I’ve come up with some resolutions and goals for 2016. I’m not always great at keepin up with my goals, but that doesn’t stop me from […]

It’s November already?

October really flew by. I miss October. It’s one of my favorite months, with summer making room for autumn, the leaves changing color, wind picking up, Halloween just around the corner. We’re not that big on Halloween here in Europe, but heck, I’ll take any excuse to watch a good horror movie. The truth is, October passed by so fast […]

Blog updates and cover talk

I spent several hours updating the blog and website this morning. It’s nowhere near perfect, but I made some changes that’ll hopefully be an improvement. I added a page for young adult novels. The page for the Mirrorland series is now a subpage of that one. I also added a brand new page for the Angel of Death series, in […]

Book News

It’s been a while since I updated this website with anything besides author interviews. But I have some projects coming up, and some news, updates and tidbits. All my children’s books are now under the Kindle MatchBook program, which means that when you buy a print copy of one of my books, you can get an eBook copy for FREE […]

Branding and rebranding

A friend of mine recently decided to rebrand herself. She used to write dark young adult novels with flawed characters, under the pen name Emlyn Chand. She’s now decided to write under her real name, Melissa Storm, and to make the bold move to start this writing journey anew. She’ll write speculative fiction for women from now on, instead of […]

Monthly Goals and Absence

As you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged much as of late. The reason was mostly lack of time. Uni exams were crazy this year, so I had no time to schedule posts beforehand. Usually I manage to schedule a few posts beforehand, so I don’t have to do anything last minute, but so far, this year, that hasn’t turned […]