My editing process

Inspired by a post on Paper Fury, I wanted to talk about my own editing process too. First of all, I hate editing. I don’t mind when I’m in that final stage and all that is left is editing some typos and checking spelling/grammar and maybe change a sentence here and there. But in the first phase of editing, when […]

My Editing Process

Everyone has a different method when it comes to editing. Some like to read out loud, others like to use a special program to help edit their book, etc. I’m going to go into detail about my method here, but like I said, it’s my method. It will not work for everyone, and you may find it’s the most terrible […]

YA Story Analyzer Tool

Today I want to introduce you to a nifty tool for all young adult and MG writers out there: the YA Story Analyzer Tool. It’s free to use and it checks your manuscript for average sentence length, reading level, redundant phrases and sentences, cliché words, wordy sentences and use of adverbs. I throw around adverbs like it’s Christmas, so this […]