Crafting: Make Your Own Gingerbread House

Crafting: Make Your Own Gingerbread House

Time Required: 1h – 1h30
Difficulty: Easy
Review of kit: 5 out of 5 stars

The moment I saw one of these gingerbread kits, I knew I wanted to give this a try. The brand we bought it from is called Weiss. It’s a German brand and we purchased the gingerbread house from Amazon.

I actually thought we would still have to make the gingerbread parts themselves, but this wasn’t the case. They already came pre-modeled and pre-baked, and we only had to cut up one sheet of gingerbread for the details of the house and the sideboards.

The above items were already included in the box and are meant to serve as decoration on the gingerbread house. The figures were very cute, but unfortunately one of them had broken in half.

The slices of gingerbread were delivered as they are laid out above. All I had to do was mix the sugar so I could use it as ‘glue’ to glue the house together.

Above you can see an example of what the gingerbread house looked like during build-up. I used toothpicks here and there to keep the structure from falling apart, and then used the sugar to glue it all together.

Eventually, the house ended up looking like the above. I used the figures and candy as decoration and also painted some snow on the Christmas tree, and painted a door and window using the sugar.

A front-view picture of the house. I really liked how it turned out, and the house was quite delicious to boot. Easily the best tasting gingerbread I’ve ever sampled.

Making and decorating a gingerbead house is a fun activity for everyone, but especially kids. It doesn’t take that long to decorate and they can really get creative while doing so. I’ll definitely buy one of these again next year.


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