Crafting: Christmas Make Your Own Clay Figure – Reindeer

Crafting: Christmas Make Your Own Clay Figure – Reindeer

Time Required: 1h
Difficulty: Medium
Review of kit: 4 out of 5 stars

Just like the Elf clay figure I crafted last week, I purchased this crafting kit from the Action store for about 1 EUR.

I have to say this crafting kit was a lot easier to make than the elf. This figure could also be fun for kids to craft as it’s fairly straightforward and doesn’t take too long. I finished this in about an hour’s time.

The kit came with a manual, spatula and clay in the colours needed to craft this figure. The instructions were quite clear.

I started with the basic shapes for the head, body and feet.

Next, I added the antlers using the darker colour clay, and the nose using the lighter colour clay. I also added the tail.

Thereafter, I worked on the little hat – how cute is that hat – and bowtie.

Lastly, I added the eyes and legs, and tada! Finished. I quite like the end result and it wasn’t that difficult to accomplish. It could also be a fun craft project with kids.

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