Real Haunted Houses: Schweppe Estate

Real Haunted Houses: Schweppe Estate

Tucked away just outside of Chicago in Lake Forest, Illinois, is a mansion in English Tudor style of magnificent size and splendor, that harbors a haunting story of loss. The Schweppe Mansion was built in 1917 as a gift to Laura Shedd from her late father – I wish I would get wedding gifts like this one – when she married her husband, Charles Schweppe (the reason why the mansion is dubbed the Schweppe Mansion).

Tragedy struck the young couple not long after their marriage. Laura Shedd died from a heart attack in 1937. Four years later, in 1947, Charles was found dead in his bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head. His suicide note read the chilling words: “I’ve been awake all night. It’s terrible.”

If that is not enough to give you the chills, then consider that after the deaths of Laura and Charles, the house sat empty for a staggering 50 years! For a place this undeniably beautiful, it is stunning to think it could be left vacant for this long.

Schweppe’s son-in-law eventually sold the house in 1987 to a couple (Howard Hoeper and Donna Denton) who did a massive renovation of the property, but got divorced a mere 2 years later. Be it from the headaches the renovations gave them, or the headaches the resident spirits gave them, we will never know. Schweppe Mansion was listed in 2007 for $18 million but was eventually sold in 2020 for $8.5 million.

With 12 bedrooms, 11 fireplaces and a private beach, a property like this seems to be well worth the $8.5 million for which it was sold. Perhaps the reduced asking price and the 13 years it took to sell the property was due to the ghosts of Laura and Charles, who are said to still haunt the place? Especially keep an eye out for the window pane that is allegedly kept free of grime by the ghostly hand of the mansion’s previous owners. There’s also a twisted footprint in the concrete floor of an upstairs room that looks deformed or maybe even inhuman.

Real Haunted Houses

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