Real Haunted Houses: Drish House

Real Haunted Houses: Drish House

Drish House was built in 1837 by Dr. John R. Drish. It was built in the centre of a 450-acre plantation. Dr. Drish, who was a widower himself at the time he built the mansion, married a wealthy widow, Sarah Owen McKinney.

The house features Ionic columuns in the front and rear, and two-story pilasters dividing each bay on all four sides. It is a mixture of Greek and Italian styles, and a three-story brick tower in the center of the house.

Just a few decades later, in 1867, Dr. Drish fell down the stairway (alledgedly he was drunk and quite unsteady, which caused him to fall down the stairs). His wife, Sarah, became quite obsessed with planning her husband’s funeral. According to the legend, Sarah saved the candles from the funeral in order to use them at her own funeral someday.

Sarah Drish died in 1884. Alledgedly, Sarah’s family frantically searched for the special candles, but could not find them. This caused Sarah to be angry at her family, and this is why she started haunting the Drish House. The most common sign of the haunting is people witnessing fire on the third story of the house, although there’s never been evidence of any fire. According to the story, the flames are supposed to be coming from the candles that were to be used at Sarah’s funeral. There are some other ghost stories as well, involving Katherine, the daughter of Drish, who supposedly lost her mind after being forced to marry a man she didn’t love.

Ghosts or not, after Sarah’s death, the house changed hands several times, and was eventually owned by the Tuscaloosa Board of Education. They opened the Jemison School in the house in 1906 and it was used as a school until 1925. In 1940, it was purchased by the Southside Baptist Church, which added a sanctuary on the one side and a detached Sunday school building on the other. The church became defunct in 1995 and stood empty for quite some time, until it was deeded to the Tuscaloose County Preservation Society in July of 2007. They had the church additions demolished in 2009.

The house was renovated and re-opened in 2016 as an event venue.

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