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Sims 4: Must-Have Mods for Storytellers: Storytelling Toolkit

Sims 4: Must-Have Mods for Storytellers: Storytelling Toolkit

If you like storystelling using the medium of the Sims 4, like I do (check out my blogs here and here for ongoing stories), then you might need some mods to help you enhance your storytelling.

One of my recommended must-have mods for storytellers is the Storytelling Toolkit.

Like the name of the mod suggests, this is a must-have mod for storytellers because it allows you to influence the Sims’ moods based on your requirements. Imagine that in your story, you need two of your Sims characters to start arguing on a rainy day.

But the weather is nice, and your characters are perfectly happy.

That’s where this mod comes in.

  • Weather Control allows you to change the season and the weather right away, going from a hot summer’s day to a dreary autumn evening.
  • Emotions Control allows you to change your characters’ emotions, making them happy, sad, angry, and so on. You can then also remove the moodlets after you have snapped the perfect pictures for your storytelling.

There’s a pretty good review of the mod here if you would like to have a more detailed understanding of how it works.


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