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Sims 4 Must-Have Mods for Storytellers: Go To School Mod

Sims 4 Must-Have Mods for Storytellers: Go To School Mod

If you like storystelling using the medium of the Sims 4, like I do (check out my blogs here and here for ongoing stories), then you might need some mods to help you enhance your storytelling.

One of my recommended must-have mods for storytellers is the Go To School Mod by Zebru.

Since most of my stories involve young adult characters, I find it annoying that you cannot follow them to school, especially High School and Elementary School.

The Go to School Mod changes that, adding lots where you can place your school, and making it possible for you to follow your child or teen to go school and go through their day.

The Go To School Mod requires Get To Work Expansion to function.

What you can do with the Go To School Mod:

  • Go to school; follow your Sim to a lot where they can take classes, have lunch breaks, or even joint their fellow students for sports and other extracurricular activities.
  • There are five subjects: Personal Development, Problem Solving, Creative Arts, Health & Fitness and Science & Technology.
  • You have several “goals” that you should complete during the day. The goals changed over the course of the day, for example, there are seperate goals during lunch break.
  • Surprise Guest Speakers from Careers (like Scientist, Doctor, Detective) can come visit the school and give lectures.
  • The Mod adds two new venues: Elementary School and High School. For the MOd to work, you’ll need to place these lots somewhere in your game.
  • You can find the venues on the gallery (just look for specific lots, and then ‘elementary school’ or ‘high school’ and you can find quite a few!)


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