Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals February 2019

I didn’t do too bad on my January goals, so I’m keeping up the process and decided to set some goals for myself this February. I had intended to post this yesterday, but as usual, life got in the way…So I hope I do better this month!

Here are my February goals:

  • Proofread The Sign of The Serpent prior to launch in late February.
  • Write a short story per week (total: 0/4).
  • Finish rewrite of Allegro Academy Book #1: Symphony of the Departed.
  • Figure out what to do with my Angel of Death Series.
  • Write two blog posts on my author blog per week (total: 1/8).
  • Post at least once a week on my Sims4 Stories blog (total: 0/4).
  • Write five reviews for I Heart Reading (total: 0/5).
  • Write another five reviews for I Heart Reading (total: 0/5).
  • Review three books for Ind’Tale Magazine (total: 0/3).
  • Write first draft of YA Warlock Book #1 (total: 0/60k words).
  • Work on the sequel of Ghost Slayer (total: 0/60k words).
  • Related to the two previous goals, write 2k words a day.
  • Come up with story idea for box set I’m participating in.
  • Prepare for the book tour of The Sign of The Serpent.
  • Launch The Sign of The Serpent end of February.

What are your goals for this month?

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