Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals January 2019

I think I’m cursed that whenever I set myself some goals, I tend to stick to it for like a month… And then I fail utterly. Same as with this series of blog posts, each year I start again with good intentions… And then I fail utterly.

But I keep on trying, and maybe, just maybe, 2019 will be the year where I don’t utterly fail at this. You never know, eh?

Anyway, if you want to check out my huuuuuge list of goals for 2019, then head over here. This post is not about my yearly goals, but about my goals in the month of January 2019. Because it’s all about chopping those goals into smaller, achievable bits.

Here are my January goals:

  • Finish edits of The Sign of the Serpent (chapter-by-chapter edits).
  • Finish second round of edits of The Sign of the Serpent.
  • Write a short story a week (total: 0/5).
  • Write two blog posts here per week (total: 2/10, because this post and the New Year’s Resolution post also count).
  • Post at least once a week on my Sims4 Stories blog (total: 0/5).
  • Write five reviews for I Heart Reading (total: 0/5).
  • Update lists of books read in 2018 on I Heart Reading and I Heart Yearly Reads.
  • Join reading challenges for 2019 on I Heart Reading.
  • Write an essay.
  • Review three books for Ind’Tale Magazine (total: 0/3).
  • Write first draft of YA Warlock Book #1 (total: 0/60k words).
  • Tied to the previous goal, write 2k words a day Monday-Saturday.
  • Prepare for release of The Chronicles of Blood, Season 1.

That’s a long list of goals for one month, but I’m determined to make the best of it! What are your goals for this month?

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