Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals January 2018

It’s the first of January, which not only means a new year (Happy New Year!) but also that it’s time for me to write down my goals for this month. I haven’t done this in ages (if I’m correct, last time I did was back in June 2017…oops), but I’m determined to keep up with it this year. At least, I hope so…

  • Write a short story a week. That means 4 stories this month, since the last week of January is only three days.
  • One of those stories should be a short story in the Ghost Slayer series, as I promised my publisher I would write a short story as teaser for the readers.
  • Finish first draft of The Sign of The Serpent, the second book in The Adventures of Marisol Holmes Series.
  • Write two blog posts on my blog per week.
  • Finish editing A Study in Shifters, the first book in The Adventures of Marisol Holmes Series. If I’m still counting correctly, this is round four of editing, so my publisher is definitely thorough and detailed. I don’t mind as those extra rounds bring the book in the best shape it can be.
  • Finish writing the Snoebels, Cat Detective: Piggy Bank Plunder, the first book in this series.
  • Edit and format Snoebels, Cat Detective: Piggy Bank Plunder for eBook and paperback.
  • Schedule all my posts for this month for on the Monster House Books blog.

Those are my goals for this month. If you want to see my goals for the whole year, check out my New Year’s Resolutions 2018 post.

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