Real Haunted Houses: The Bell Witch Farm

The Bell Witch is perhaps the most notorious story of a haunting set in the United States. If you’ve ever seen “Blair Witch”, then know it was inspired by th Bell Witch – who was probably ten times worse than the “Blair Witch”. I read a book once, a scientific account of poltergeists. It was an old, stuffy book and […]

TV Series Review: The Frozen Dead

Lately, I’ve grown more and more fond of these Netflix mini-series, with six or eight episodes. I like how they take more time to tell the story than a movie would (with the series lasting about six hours total, whereas movies last only about two hours) so we get to explore the characters and their history more, and we get […]

Real Haunted Houses: LaLaurie House

The LaLaurie House is a supposedly haunted house located in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Los Angeles. People who have watched American Horror Story: Coven, will probably recognize this house, or at least the name of the notorious socialite and alleged murderer, Marie Delphine MacCarthy, who once lived there. Marie Delphine McCarthy Marie was born in 1780, and passed […]

TV Series Review: Alias Grace

If I had to name my favorite TV series of 2017, I would no doubt choose “Alias Grace”, a miniseries based on a novel written by Margaret Atwood. Another series based on a Margaret Atwood novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale” is gaining a lot of popularity as of late, but don’t hesitate to try “Alias Grace” just because it gets less […]

Real Haunted Houses: The Sallie House

Atchison is a small town that doesn’t particularly look like the stuff of nightmares. However, The Sallie House, as this particular haunted house is nicknamed, is rumored to be haunted – and not just any haunting, but the stuff of nightmares. Located on 508 N. Second Street in Atchison, and built in the mid-1800s, the house already looks pretty spooky […]

Movie Review: Annabelle: Creation

I’ve been wanting to see the movie “Annabelle: Creation” for ages, but because my boyfriend doesn’t like horror movies, and I don’t like watching them alone, we never got around to it. Until last weekend, that is. While “Annabelle: Creation” is miles ahead of “Annabelle”, the first movie in this series,  that’s not exactly a compliment as the first movie […]

Real Haunted Houses: Villisca Axe Murder House

The Villisca Axe Murder House is famous, not just for its reputation of being haunted, but also because – as suggested by its name – it’s the scene of a horrific crime that happened in 1912. The Murders On the evening of June 9, 1912 and the early morning of June 10, 1912, an unknown assailant entered the Moore residence […]

Monday Musings #44

Monday Musings is a post in which I talk about my writing goals for the upcoming week, and the progress I made on my goals for the past week. Here is my progress on the goals for last week: Schedule all blogs posts for the first two weeks of January (4/4). I’ve finished the blogs for the entire month (8/8). […]

Book Excerpt Goddess of the Wild Thing

Book Excerpt “Shirley spoke up, “Maybe we just gotta give it up and say there’s no good out there and no damn good men.” Shirley spat on the sidewalk, as she was prone to do when attitudes turned south and a pissed-off mood overrode a physician’s reserve. A petite woman, hovering around five-foot-three, she was a spitfire to friends and […]

TV Series Review: Manhunt: Unabomber

Manhunt: Unabomber is an eight-part TV series that you can now watch on Netflix. As the name suggests, it’s about the FBI’s manhunt on the so-called “Unabomber”, a mysterious individual who sent bombs through the mail, targeting universities and airlines in particular (therefore gaining the nickname ‘unabomber’). Now, I’m quite obsessed with reading about and watching TV series about serial […]