Author Interview with Jason Atkinson

I’m interviewing Jason Atkinson today, author of short story collection “Seven Threads”. Welcome to my blog, and thanks for answering my questions. Author Interview When did you know you wanted to be an author? It wasn’t until I discovered a chronic heart disease that I needed to make some life changes. I was typically an outdoors, workout, go run around […]

The Adventures of Marisol Homes: All About Jaguars

In The Adventures of Marisol Homes: A Study in Shifters, our main character, Marisol, is a half-human / half-jaguar shifter. Her mother is a full blood jaguar shifter. Of course, I couldn’t write about jaguar shifters without doing some research into jaguars. Turns out, jaguars are actually pretty amazing. They’re the third-largest big cat, after the tiger and lion, and […]

Author Interview Scent of the Past

When did you know you wanted to be an author? I remember writing from an early age. I always kept a journal, wrote poetry, and more often than not found myself writing short stories when I was bored, or on long road trips. I can even recount a few scripted puppet shows for the neighbors. It was a means to […]