Game Walkthrough: Cafe O – The Drowned Mermaid

c448c1a768537e92be27de0ad459a815-d4bp0kjThis is a walkthrough for the creepy, dark visual novel “Cafe O – The Drowned Mermaid”. It’s a short visual novel, and if you only play it through once, you’ll get to the end in less than an hour. But if you want to know all the possible endings, you’ll have several hours of fun playing this game. This walkthrough will let you know how to get all the achievements without spoiling anything, so you still get to enjoy the game.

In short, there are about six different endings to the story. The MC has six days to find out what happened to her, and during those six days she can visit three people each day: Shou, Tooru and Ami. Only if you visit the same person regularly will you get to the end of the game. White butterflies indicate a good choice, which leads to a good end, and black butterflies indicate a bad choice, which leads to the bad ending.

Shou (The Doctor)

One of the three people you can talk to each day is Shou Takizawa, a doctor. With Shou, you have two options: a good end (white butterflies) and a bad end (black butterflies). When you talk to him, you’ll get to make one choice every day. Here are the choices you need to make for the respective endings.

Good End

Day One: “I’m so embarrassed.”

Day Two: “Have you ever touched my hand before?”

Day Three: “Stay Quiet.”

The other days, just visit Shou. You won’t have to make a choice anymore.

Bad End

Day One: “I’m going to die soon. What should I do?”

Day Two: “What’s that photo?”

Day Three: “Forbidden Love?!”

The others days, visit Shou. You won’t have to choose anymore, though.


After this, you’ll have two achievements:

Tooru – Good End Unlocked!

Tooru – Evil End Unlocked!

If this is the first time playing through, you’ll also have:

Good Version Heroine Unlocked! (you get this as soon as you get a good end)

Evil Version Heroine Unlocked! (you get this as soon as you get a bad end).

And then you’ll also have several achievements for the body parts you regained: Legs, Arms, Stomach, Chest and Head.

Tooru (The Ex-Boyfriend)

The person in the middle that you can choose every day is Tooru, the ex-boyfriend of our main character. As with Shou, we have two routes here and two possible endings: good and bad.

Good End

Day One: “That’s good.”

Day Two: “I’m sorry.”

Day Three: “I’m so glad that he finally trusts me.”

Visit Tooru the last three days, but no more choices will pop up.

Bad End

Day One: “Did you dump me?”

Day Two: “Then just close your eyes.”

Day Three: “He’s too suspicious.”


Now, you’ll have two more achievements:

Tooru – Good End Unlocked!

Tooru – Bad End Unlocked!

Ami Kawase (Best Friend)

Only after you completed the Tooru and Shou route, can you start on the Ami route. Here, you can get the True Ending, but to get it you’ll need to have unlocked all the times you got from the other characters when unlocking their good and bad endings.

So, choose Ami, and then “Show her something.” You should have four items to choose from: cap, broken bracelet, necklace, photo, and then last option nothing. Just pick a different item every day. The order doesn’t really matter.

For this, you’ll get some more achievements:

Original Version Heroine Unlocked!

Sui’s Magic



True End Unlocked!

Other Achievements

Now, you still have some achievements left to complete. They’re all fairly easy.

Bad End Unlocked! Just make it to the end without getting all your body parts. You can do this by visiting different people, making good/bad choices, and so on.

All CGs Unlocked! Go to the start screan, click “extras” and go over CG gallery. Since you completed all endings, you should have all CGs.

Prologue Unlocked! Simply play the prologue, and you’ll get this one.

Extra Bonus Cleared! Go to extras after you finished all endings, click “Welcome to Cafe O”, and then randomly make some choices. When you get to the end of this, you’ll get the achievement.

And then, when you’ve completed them all, you’ll automatically get: All Achievements Unlocked!

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