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I recently revamped a website for my book cover design services, I Heart Designs. My previous design was okay, but it lacked a certain flexibility and the font wasn’t always easy to read. The revamp took about a week (more work than all my other websites combined) but I’m glad with the way it looks now.

I took some screenshots to show the highlights of the website. If you want to see it fully functioning, go check out the website. 🙂 You can click on the images below to make them larger.


This is the first header that loads on the main page. There are three headers total. This basically shows what the webiste is all about. My logo is in the top header (purple area), the same logo I use on my covers (premades, and to showcase them, not final covers of course).


Here is the header for book cover design. It shows one of my favorite covers I made, and some info about my cover design services.


Next, a glimpse at the about page. The left bottom area are toggles, so they can open up and provide more info. I love the skill bars!


This is the pricing page, or at least the top part of it. It shows the prices for my book covers, along with matching images.


Last image shows my premade shop. I implemented WooCommerce so that I could sell premade designs. All designs will only be solved once. The shop is fully functioning, and I love the way it looks.

I’m totally in love with the new design. I hope you like it too!

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