Websites Revamped

I spent most of last week revamping three of my websites. I’m working on the fourth one now, and then I have some updates and tweaks to do on here. Next up, I’ll probably work some more on my horror blog and maybe on secret project #1 or #2.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve done so far. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

The Overachiever

I started by revamping my freelance editing / writing / proofreading portfolio The Overachiever.

Before, the homepage was just  blog, showing my latest posts (without a featured image), the sidebar didn’t look too great either and the portfolio page was all messed up with all covers having different sizes (although I had set them to fixed sizes).

After a whole day of work, and then some hours into the weekend, this is the result.


The new front page. It’s a static page, meaning I moved the blog posts to their seperate page. This one shows a welcome message and then my skill set.


A closer look to the skill set, and testimonials. One of them is a place holder, since the author said she would send me a real one soon. Bottom shows social media links.


This is the blog page, with a sidebar on the right. I make a new post for every book I work on, with basic information about the book and the book blurb.


For my services, I made two different forms, one for editing / proofreading and the other for writing. Clicking on the circles on the right opens up the form for each.


Contact form, which makes it easier for people to contact me.

I like the new design. It looks clean and professional, and I’m glad how it turned out. See it all in action on The Over Achiever.

Enchanted Book Promotions

Last weekend, I also updated some of the design features of Enchanted Book Promotions. I udpated the theme, the WordPress installation and all the plugins and made a few changes that will hopefully improve the user experience.


The most notable update was on the sidebars. As you can see, they now have information about the book tours, show the upcoming tours, and if you scroll down, have information about marketing and design services, and widgets for our Facebook page, Google+ and Twitter. It didn’t have that before, so now it’s easier for readers and authors to connect with us. The tour hosts already mentioned they think it’s an improvement.


The footer changed slightly too, in particular the “contact us” section, which now has follow links, making it easier than ever for people to follow us.

I Heart Reading

Last but not least, I made some design tweaks to I Heart Reading, my book review blog.


Updated the bio and did some tweaks on the category navigation (the second navigation, under the banner).


I also changed the footer. It still linked to I Heart Reading Challenges, a website that hasn’t been updated in years since I moved my challenges over to I Heart Reading. Instead, I added a banner to The Overachiever, and an updated banner to Enchanted Book Promotions.


Apparently, the newsletter sign up form hadn’t been coded correctly (there was a white gap between the top and where it says ’email’. I fixed that too.

So overall, I spent most of the weekend re-designing and tweaking my websites. I’m also working on my design portfolio, but I think it’ll take a few more days before that’s finished. I’ll show you then, so stay tuned! 🙂


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