Monthly Goals

Updates on August Goals

I’ve been very quiet this month, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t made some progress when it comes to writing. At the start of the month, I set several goals. My goals and progress are below.

  • Finish editing Demonic Pact (Angel of Death Series #2). Currently: chapter 11/43. Update: Finished and submitted to publisher.
  • Write short story for The Animal horror anthology.
  • Write short story for Girls Rock Harder eZine (horror/dark fiction).
  • Write short story for Dreadful Demographic eZine (horror/dark fiction).
  • Work on edits for Sally Sleuth & The Missing Mice.
  • Finish writing first draft of Ghostslayer.
  • Edit Ghostslayer. Format in proper chapters.
  • Edit Allegro Academy #1.
  • Write first draft of Confessions of a Teenage Warlock. Total: 60-70k words. Update: 5k words written.
  • Write short story for horror anthology. Update: Draft written, now editing the story.

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