A Little Bit of Fun with Cliché Sentences

One reviewer mentioned the use of several cliché sentences in my book, and how they were used over and over again. It made me curious, so I did a quick search through The Soul Thief (.pdf format, makes it easy to look for sentences) to see if the reviewer was right or not.

Here are the sentences.

bile rose up my throat – used three times
mother of all migraines – used once
butterflies in stomach – used once
my body weighed a thousand pounds  – used once
I felt million emotions when looking at him – so, I changed this to “a million emotions”. And yes, it’s used in the book. Once.
not dating dating – used once
I sense a ‘but’ coming – used once, in dialogue
sweet lips (of course his)  – nope. This isn’t in the book. Not even once.

Blah, this is all in good fun. I only wanted to check when I read the review to see if it was true or not that I used these sentences often. So yes, maybe my protagonist, Riley, does have a case of periodic nausea, but apart from that, she’s pretty all right.

(And really, if you had to deal with finding out you’re an Angel of Death, someone is out to hurt you and your friends and you have to face off against a Council of Angels, you’d have a case of instant nausea too).


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