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Author Interview with Wayne A.D. Kerr


I’m interviewing Wayne A.D. Kerr, author of MG paranormal adventure “Escape from Area 51”. Welcome to my blog, and thanks for answering my interview questions.

Author Interview

1. When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I did some screen writing when I was younger.  Mostly for commercials, but a few spec scripts, as well.  However,  I found the idea of writing a full length novel very intimidating.  I wrote a novella for my daughter a few years ago and that inspired me to attempt a real book.

2. Where did you get the inspiration for Escape from Area 51?

I share a fascination for UFOs with Xander Bookman, the lead character in the X + Y Files series.  During a recent trip, my wife and I took a drive down Nevada State Route 375, also known as The Extraterrestrial Highway, past the infamous Area 51.  That got me thinking…

3. What is your editing process like?

The editing process, for me, doesn’t begin until the first draft of a manuscript is complete.  Then I look at the word count to see if it is what I expected.  Adding content to increase the length is easy, removing it is a little tougher.  Once I finish this second draft, of sorts, I check over the grammar and sentence structure – which during my writing phase leaves much to be desired.  Once I’ve corrected the worst of it, the manuscript is sent to a professional editor.  The editor usually finds an embarrassing number of further grammar issues, while looking at the story’s structure and pacing.  At this point, I also send out copies to  my beta readers for their comments and suggestions.  Then, I do a third draft of the manuscript and pass it along to my very thorough wife, who ferrets out any additional issues.  After I correct these, the manuscript is ready.

4. What was the most challenging part of writing this book?

I wish all the books I write could be this easy and fun.  It almost wrote itself.  The most difficult part was getting the cover just right.  Graphic artist, Tanya James, was very patient and did a wonderful job. I couldn’t be happier.

5. Did you set any writing goals for 2014? Did you accomplish them?

I did set a major writing goal for 2014.  In 2013 my goal was to write a novel.  I did, but there were issues with the structure.  I worked to correct it for a while, but ultimately decided it was better learning experience than story.  My goal for 2014 was to write and publish a book.  I achieved this four times over, and I’m very proud of myself. and the team that helped me do it.

6. Do you have any writing goals for 2015?

I haven’t set any specific goals for 2015, yet.  2014 has been a hectic year, as I finish up a fifth book.  I might take some time off and do a little traveling with my wife, before I get back in the trenches.

7. Are you working on something now? If so, can you tell us a little about it?

I’m currently in the third draft of a story about a retired couple, co-incidentally like my wife and I, living in southern Arizona.  This couple, however, are a former Interpol agent and an ex-Special Forces soldier.  When the granddaughter of a friend gets kidnapped and taken across the border by a ruthless Mexican gang, Mr. and Mrs. Reece are able to go places and do things that the police and FBI  just can’t.
Thank you for your interest in my work.  Keep reading my friends.

About The Book

Area-51-Cover-BrighterTitle: Escape from Area 51 (The X+Y Files #3)

Author: Wayne A.D. Kerr

Genre: MG Paranormal Adventure

A trip to the top secret military testing base, commonly known as Area 51, was a dream come true for UFO obsessed Xander Bookman – until a strange voice invaded his thoughts. Could the voice really be coming from a joke telling alien, named I-pod, who desperately needs help to escape from the most secure site on the planet?
Of the many who tried, only one man had ever successfully breached the heavily guarded facility. A brilliant Soviet spy managed to the impossible, but he never made it home. One got in; zero got out.
Until now…
Join Xander and Yzzie on their most daring adventure yet.

Middle grade readers and adults will enjoy this scary, but fun, action filled, science fiction / paranormal adventure.

The X + Y Files series is ‘The X-Files’ for kids. Xander and Yzzie are the middle grade version of Mulder and Scully.

Author Bio

Wayne A D Kerr was born and raised in Canada, but has lived in the United States for the past twenty years.  When not writing or reading adventure novels, he is most likely hiking, biking or playing tennis.



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