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What’s Up Wednesday #4

RobotWhat’s Up Wednesday is a weekly blog hop created by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. The goal of this hop is to help connect writers on their writing journey. You can find out more about the blog hop here.

What I’m Reading

I’m reading “Shattered Secrets” by Karen Harper. I just finished “Lockwood & Co: The Whispering Skull”, and loved it, so it’ll be tough to live up to that book. But “Shattered Secrets” is quite decent, so far.

What I’m Writing

I’m actually wrapping up several projects. As per my goals for this month, I’m working on putting more content on this blog, like articles, tips, etc. I already managed to blog every day of the month, so that’s great. Granted, we’re only on day six, but I’m still proud of that.

I finished writing chapter book #2. Now I still need to edit it, but I’m holding off for a week or so, until I’ve put some distance between myself and the manuscript. I also worked on my NA paranormal romance “Ghostslayer”. I started out at a little over 8k, and I’m now at 12k words.

I’m also working on the edits for “Soul Thief”, my YA Paranormal Romance, which will release this November. We’re almost through the first round of edits.

What Inspires Me Right Now

I’ve read a lot of ghost stories as of late, to get more involved in the world of “Ghostslayer”. Surprising how many ghost stories and urban legends are out there!

What Else I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been working on setting up a marketing plan for my own books, and for some of my clients. I’ve also been writing reviews for on my book review blog – I’ve written 15 reviews since the beginning of August. I haven’t had much time to enjoy the holidays yet, but I hope that changes soon.

4 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday #4

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      Wow. 15 reviews is a ton. Sounds like you’ve been really busy on the writing front too. Good luck with getting those marketing plans all set up. Here’s hoping you find at least a tiny, little bit of extra time!

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      I blogged a lot more when I first started out–not every day, but close to. For the past couple of years I’ve participated in the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge, in which you write a blog post every day for the month of April (except Sundays). That’s about the only time I blog daily anymore. So I’m impressed, Majanka!

      All the best with your writing this week. 🙂

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      Good luck with all your projects!

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      Sounds like you’re busy with some cool stuff! I need to blog a bit more, I don’t do much other than WUW and WeWriWa lately, and not every week for those…

      And – your characters are taking over your blog! I’m not sure if I’m afraid of what would happen if my characters thought of that, or if it would be a relief. 😉

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