What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday

RobotWhat’s Up Wednesday is a weekly blog hop created by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. The goal of this hop is to help connect writers on their writing journey. You can find out more about the blog hop here.

This is my first time participating, so I’m uber-excited. I hope to meet lots of new friends through this hop.

What I’m Reading

I’m currently reading The Murder Farm by Andrea Maria Schenkel. I’ve just gotten started, so I’ve no idea how this book will turn out. I love the cover though.

What I’m Writing

I’m drafting “The Clumsy Magician”, the fifth book in the Weirdville series. I’m currently at 7k. I’m also working on “Demonic Pact”, the sequel to my YA Paranormal releasing in September, “Soul Thief”. I’m only 1k in “Demonic Pact”, so it’ll be a while.

I’m editing a YA Novella called “The Gatekeeper”. I’ve edited 5 of the 10 chapters so far, and hope to finish the rest by the end of the week.

What Inspires Me Right Now

I’ve been watching “Bates Motel” and “Lost Girl” and both of these have been inspiring. “Bates Motel” helped me with an idea for a new story, and “Lost Girl” gets me inspiration for “Demonic Pact”.

What Else I’ve Been Upto

I’ve been studying, for the most part. Exams are coming up soon. I’ve also been working on my book review blog, and working on book covers for clients.

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