Time for Bloggiesta, Spring Edition (March 27 – March 30)

Bloggiesta1S141-150x150All right, so this is my first time participating in Bloggiesta. For those of you equally clueless as I am, Bloggiesta is a short event for which bloggers can sign up, then they post their to do list for on their blog, and try to do as many items off their to do list as possible. I set up a Bloggiesta to do list for my review blog, I Heart Reading, earlier today. But then I decided that I usually keep up-to-date with my review blog. It’s my author blog that needs the real work. So I’m signing up here for Bloggiesta as well.

If you want to participate too, go sign up. It’s not too late to join the fun.

Here is my to do list for my author blog:

  • Update the banners on my front page.
  • Add banners for my other books, which aren’t included yet in the rotation.
  • Update the small blurbs for my series and books on the homepage.
  • Update ‘About the Author’ on the homepage.
  • Add links to social media websites under “Subscribe” on homepage.
  • Add book excerpts, media kit, and other info for “The Doll Maker”.
  • Add book excerpts, media kit and other info for “House of Horrors”.
  • Add book excerpts, media kit and other info for “Fright Train”.
  • Make sure sidebar appears on all blog pages.
  • Update sidebar to show all books. Think about how I’m going to do this – do I show purchase links for all books as well?
  • Schedule all author interviews that are planned (and for which I received responses).
  • Schedule three blog posts.

Phew, that’s a lot of work. What are your goals during this Bloggiesta?

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