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Author Interview with Veronica Bane


I’m interviewing Veronica Bane, author of YA fantasy novella “Miyuki”. Thans for answering my questions and visiting my blog, Veronica.

Author Interview

When did you know you wanted to become an author?

Stories are a big part of my family. I have years of memories of sitting at the dinner table and listening to stories. My grandfather had the best stories, and we all looked up to him. I was a fiendish reader, too. Once I was in a book, I couldn’t stop. I’m still like that. Once I started writing my stories down, and I realized that there was nothing like it. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Where did you get the inspiration for Mara and Miyuki?

I’m drawn to writing characters that are broken and complex, and I wanted to tell a story that was full of the struggles that young adults face. In particular, I wanted to tell the story about female characters that didn’t fall into the usual boxes, and I also didn’t want to restrict them. So, my inspiration was looking at comic books, movies, other books, and people that I know in real life. A lot of it came out of my own adolescence, too.

What is your editing process like?

I do my utmost to get the entire thing down on paper before I edit. If I try to edit as I go along, I can start to get defeated. Even if I workshop something, I still hold on to the notes until the end. Then, once it’s finished, I tear it apart. I go in and read it aloud, and if a sentence or paragraph or chapter isn’t fighting for its place on the page, it’s gone. I’m vicious.

What was the most challenging part about writing Miyuki?

It was the first sequel that I’ve ever written. I didn’t want to rewrite the first book, and I wanted to allow for more moments with the characters. There is a lot of action in the first book, and it was necessary for the story. I wanted to look into some more private moments with Miyuki. She’s a different kind of character, and so the book allowed that.

What are your writing goals for 2014?

My writing goal is to finish the three projects that I have on my slate. Also, I want to read at least four books a month. Reading is always part of my writing goal. If you don’t read, how will your writing ever improve?

Are you working on something right now? If so, can you tell us more about it?

I’m working on the third novella, a full-length novel, and a screenplay. They’re all incredibly different, and it’s very exciting!

About Miyuki

Miyuki_coverTitle: Miyuki

Author: Veronica Bane

Genre: YA Fantasy Novella

In the town of Jericho, a group of misfit teenagers haunts the underbelly of their society. Armed with the ability to manipulate different parts of nature, these teenagers fight for their right to stay alive. In the months following an attack on their lives, danger still lurks around them. Those behind the original strike have risen from the ashes, and new powers are beginning to reveal themselves. With this mysterious threat imminent, Mara, Miyuki, and the rest of the Unusuals must stand together to fight. However, time is running out for the group, for someone—or something—is hunting them, and this time around, not all of them will survive.

Author Bio

Veronica Bane author pictureVeronica Bane grew up in San Diego, California and spent her days writing in local coffee shops and at the beach. Her writing was and has always been fed a healthy diet of chai tea lattes and film scores. She studied Creative Writing at Chapman University and now lives in Los Angeles.


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