Monday Musings

Monday Musings #29

mondaymusingsEach Monday, I recap all the events of the past week.

  • Drafting. I’m at 14k in my YA novella “The Gatekeeper“. I hope to fnish the novella by the end of the week. I’m still studying like crazy, so it’ll be quite hectic. At this point, I think it’ll end up being 16-20k words.
  • Editing. Still working on edits for “Drowning in Fear” before I sent it to my editor. Deadline for this is January 22, so I’ll have to up the pace a little.

These last few weeks have been quiet when it comes to writing, and extremely hectic when it comes to studying and uni finals. At least after this Saturday, things should calm down a little, since I only have one more uniĀ  final planned after that.

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