Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals January 2014

goalsEach month, I write down my writing-related goals and track my progress. I’m starting anew in 2014, and my main goal this year is to make more sensible goals. Hah, we’ll see how that goes!

Here are my goals for January 2014.

  1. Blog every day of the week for the entire month,  except for Sunday posts (these are optional).
  2. Write first draft of Demonic Pact (Angel of Death #2).  Make it to at least 50k words.
  3. Edit Drowning in Fear (Weirdville #4).
  4. Submit manuscript Drowning in Fear (Weirdville #4) to publisher.
  5. Edit remaining chapters in Soul Thief (Angel of Death #1). Current status: 11/32 chapters.

What are your writing goals for this month?

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