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I’m happy to host a guest post today by Kenya Wright, author of multicultural mystery romance “The Muse”. I’ll leave the word to Kenya Wright now.

People who really love The Muse, tend to send me excited emails about the art installations showcased within in the mystery romance novel. The best part about writing the story was the art research.

For those who are saying, “What the hell is an art installation?”

It’s basically a big adult playground that people consider art. At least that is the unofficial Kenya Wright answer.

So today I will give you my 

Top Five Art Installations
Tomás Saraceno’s Biospheric Cloud Cities

I probably could spend half a day bouncing around in this installation!
Leandro Erlich’s Bâtiment


This is just a fun photo op waiting to happen. Have you figured out why the people appear to be hanging on the building?

Ernesto Neto’s Woven Installations


I think once I got over the initial part of being in the air, I would be running through these woven paths!

The Rain Room at The Barbican, London


I had a friend who went to this installation in New York. Apparently, you will never get wet in the rain room no matter how slow you move or wherever you go.

The aMAZEme Labyrinth by Marco Saboya & Gualter Pupo

Talk about finding innovative ways to recycle books and magazines!

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