Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals September 2013


I’ll have more spare time in September than I had in August, so I’m hoping to complete the following goals.

  1. Finish edits for “The Doll Maker”. This is a must, since the book releases in September.
  2. Edit “Valentina and the Masked Mummy” and “Fright Train” (Weirdville #3), and submit them to my publisher.
  3. Write guest posts for upcoming book tours “Fractured” and “Valentina and the Haunted Mansion”.
  4. Reply to interview questions for both tours and make sure everything is ready to go.
  5. Revise and edit chapters 6-9 of Ghostslayer (around 30k words).
  6. Finish writing the first draft of Ghostslayer (which means adding about 30k words).

Additional goals if by some miracle I manage to finish the first:

  1. Finish writing first draft The Witch’s Soul (currently at 14k/60-70k words).
  2. Edit “Spiritwalker” (Allegro Academy #1).
  3. Reach 30k in non-fiction book about hauntings.

What are your goals for September?

2 thoughts on “Monthly Goals September 2013

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      Awesome idea to post your goals as it makes them achievable and motivates you to tell the world what you have accomplished! I know you’ll do it.

      My goals for September? Promote literacy like crazy through my blog by hosting many independent authors and encourage everyone to find something they want to read. Shaping up to be a busy and wonderful back to school month!

      Thanks for writing and reading,

      Sarah Butland
      author of Arm Farm, Brain Tales and Sending You Sammy

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      Hey Sarah,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you like the idea. Like you guessed, the main reason why I talk about my goals every month is to keep myself motivated, and to keep my goals achievable. I used to have TONS of goals each month, but I kept them to myself, and never really finished any of them. When I tell everyone about it, I feel more pressure to accomplish my goals, and I learned how to set more realistic goals.

      Good luck with your September goals! Promoting literacy is a noble cause, and one I wholly support! We should all encourage people to read.

      Thank you for your comment!

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