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Wednesday Weekly Writing Goals (14)

Each week, I write down my writing goals for the week, and an update on which goals for the past week I finished and which ones I didn’t. This week I focused primarily on getting the first draft done for Spiritwalker (Allegro Academy #2), which was previously called Andante. I’m still not sure which title I’ll end up using. Either way, I finished the first draft. YAAAAY.

So now I get to do some outlining mostly for May and June (and finish current projects) before I get started on July CampNaNo. As a sidenote, a short story of mine will release by InkSpell Publishing on May 23rd, so stay tuned for that.

Here were my goals for last week:

  1. Finish writing the first draft of Andante (Allegro Academy #2). Current status: 66k/75k words, so about 10k left to go. FINISHED. Ended up being 73k words.
  2. Finish edits for Fractured (Mirrorland #1). NOT FINISHED. Edited 2/12 chapters.
  3. Write first draft of House of Horrors (Weirdville #2). Current status: 0k/10-15k words. NOT FINISHED. Wrote 5k/15k words.

So these are my goals for next week:

  1. Finish edits for Fractured (Mirrorland #1). Current status: edited 2/12 chapters. I’ll try to do two chapters a day.
  2. Write first draft of House of Horrors (Weirdville #2). Current status: 5k/15k words.
  3. Write outline for Allegro (Allegro Academy #3), while the story is still fresh. Probably won’t get started on writing this till July though.


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