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Author Interview with Natalie Tinti


I’m hosting an interview today with Natalie Tinti, the author of a series of chapter books called “Sewing a Friendship.” Thanks for answering my questions, Natalie!

The Interview

1)     When did you know you wanted to be an author? 

I never considered myself as a writer; I didn’t think the word fit me. But when I wrote my first book, Sewing a Friendship, I realized I am a writer, I always was an author, and I will be a writing author for life.

2)     What inspired you to write the “Sewing a Friendship” books? 

While on summer vacation before the start of my fourth grade class I decided to address a problem I first noticed while repeating Kindergarten – classmates did not appreciate their uniqueness and had difficulty making friends.  I wrote my first book Sewing a Friendship to spread my message that friendships are created when we have the courage to include others.

3)     How long did it take you to write “Sewing a Friendship: The Magic in Us, Book One: The Power of Imagination”? 

I would say it took me around three months; I always seemed to struggle because when I wrote a sentence it was never the way I wanted it to be. So I had to rewrite it over and over again in tell I was satisfied.

4)     Who does the drawings in your books? Can you tell us how this process works? 

I am also the illustrator as well as the author for all of Sewing a Friendship series.  All the drawings in my books start out with a sketch drawing based off of what the story is telling. Then I outline the sketch with pen and  color it in with colored pencils. After this I place the drawing into the scanner where it pops up on the computer. Then on Photoshop we make it brighter had some details. Walla! That’s the process for my drawing formal sketch to a finished illustration.

5)     What are your writing goals for 2013?

For 2013 I’m planning to finish my story , Pandora,  I’m on right now also finishing  the second book of my Pandora  series. That’s pretty much what I have planned out so far for 2013 in writing.

6)     Are you working on something right now? If so, can you tell us more about it?

Right now I’m working on a story about a criminal that’s struggling to get back to her base, her only real home. The story goes around her and  all her ups and down while she’s doing whatever to be home.  The book is called The Wanted, I’m planning to finish it this year.

About The Book

Sewing-a-Friendship-2-Magic-In-Us-book 1-The Power-of-FriendshipTitle: Sewing a Friendship 2 – The Magic in Us: The Power of Imagination (Book 1)

Author: Natalie Tinti

Genre: Children’s Chapter Book

When a secret agent dog, Dogon, informed four best friends that Nina has a bad horrible scratch and she won’t be able to play her musical instruments, they must quickly come and make her feel better. While deciding what to do next, there’s a veritable blizzard of ideas put forth, and the girls have to sift through them all to come up with a plan of action. Together they create a magical world full of adventures where every obstacle can be overcome with mutual support and joint creativity.

Magic in Us is an inspiration for children to learn and grow into well-rounded individuals, to realize the power of friendship, to learn about the value of problem solving and discover hidden talents. It told by 10 years old Natalie Tinti. She is not only a multi-awarded talented writer, she is also an amazing artist!


Author Bio

At age thirteen Natalie Tinti is a multi-award winning author, illustrator, of 12 children’s books and an inspirational public speaker who promotes varied uplifting messages for her peers as well as their parents. Despite this early success as an artist Natalie was recommended to repeat Kindergarten as her teacher thought she didn’t have adequate language function and memory recall. However, this apparent set back would later serve as a valuable growth experience in her social awareness and desire to help her classmates. Natalie’s books gave her a platform for speaking at various venues where she promoted the empowerment of children to include: the value of social skills for overall happiness and as a tool in dealing with bullies, appreciating one’s unique talents and personality to bolster self-confidence, and challenging children of all ages to build friendships by having the courage to include others.

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