Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals May 2013

April was a horrible month in terms of writing. Worst part is that I barely get why. I had time to write, but I wasted it doing God knows what else. Either way, I’m hoping to make up for that in May. This month I’ll mostly focus on finishing all (or some) of my works in progress and meeting my deadlines. Plus, with VALENTINA AND THE HAUNTED MANSION releasing on May 20th, I’ll have to spend a fair time on promotion as well, which will cut back the writing. And with exams coming up in June, I have plenty of stuff on my plate, too much to start new projects.

  1. Finish writing Andante (Allegro Academy #2). Current status: 52k/60-65k words. I’ll probably rename this manuscript to “Spiritwalker” because I’m not so fond of the titles. Either way, this is coming along nicely and I like the big climax the story is building up to.
  2. Write House of Horrors (Weirdville #2). This should be about 10-15k when it’s completed. Evolved Publishing expressed interest in the Weirdville series, a series of chapter books I’m working on. The first book would be released in July, and the second book, the one I’m currently working on, in September. My deadline for the manuscript however is the end of May, so I’ll have to get cracking.
  3. Revise chapters six, seven, eight and nine of Ghostslayer. Ghostslayer is a New Adult Paranormal Romance novel I’m working on. I need to revise these chapters before I can send them to my critique partner. Then I still need to work on the last 30-40k words.
  4. Make a media kit for Valentina and the Haunted Mansion.

I’ll leave it at that for this month, mostly because like I mentioned above, I’ll probably be busy like hell. Plus, that’s still a good 25k words to write, and about 25k to revise.

What are your goals for this month?

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