ARCs available for Valentina and The Haunted Mansion

Great news, everyone! The ARC copies for my picture book, Valentina and The Haunted Mansion, are ready to go out into the world and (hopefully) capture some people’s hearts!

The first 20 people to contact me on Facebook (just leave a message on my page), comment here, or contact me through email can get a free ARC copy for review. I’d really REALLY appreciate it if you could post your honest review on Amazon and Goodreads. If on top of that you can post on B&N, Kobo, Sony, Smashwords, etc. then you’re my new most-favorite person.

Your review doesn’t have to be favorable (although I hope it will be!). I appreciate any and all reviews.

Here’s the synopsis for Valentina and The Haunted Mansion:

Valentina_Haunted_Mansion_300dpi_2x2p9_CompValentina isn’t thrilled with her parents’ decision to move into an ancient, gigantic mansion in the middle of nowhere—filled with dark, unsettling rooms, and far away from civilization, where they don’t have to worry about hiding who they are. Sure, it may be perfect for a vampire family like hers, but moving here meant leaving her best friends behind.

The new house has some perks, though. Valentina gets to choose her own room, and when she explores the mansion on her own, she discovers a trophy room, a museum room, a music room, and much more.

From the moment Valentina started exploring, however, she’s felt someone watching her. Strange things start to happen all around her: footprints appear in the dust, a disembodied voice sneezes….

…and just because Valentina is a vampire, doesn’t mean she doesn’t get scared like any other little girl.

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