Weekend Writing Warriors

Weekend Writing Warriors (1)

I’m participating in Weekend Writing Warriors for the first time ever. Yay! I’m going to post a few sentences from my current work in progress, a middle grade short story for an anthology by Evolved Publishing coming up in March.

Pip ducked just in time for a swirling fire bolt to race past her head. “Hey!” she yelled. “What were you trying to do, roast me?”

The room’s inhabitant, an overweight dragon who was still lying in his bed, growled. He moved over, the bed squeaking under his weight. His skin was completely covered in scales, their colors differing from green on his head to yellow on his belly and red on his legs.

“Guess you were,” Pip mumbled below her breath. “What can I help you with?” she added, a little louder. She wasn’t sure if the dragon was a “sir” or a “madam”.

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