Weekend Writing Warriors (3)

It’s time for another Weekend Writing Warriors meme. Today I’m going to share an excerpt from Andante (Allegro Academy  #2; a YA paranormal mystery. Here’s my sentences for this week: “You could at least try. Don’t give up yet.” He looks at me, his eyes almost hopeful. “We’ll beat Diane at her own game.” I raise an eyebrow when I […]

Author Interview with Gretchen Powell

I’m hosting an interview today with author Gretchen Powell, the author of YA dystopian novel “Terra”. Thanks for replying to my questions, Gretchen! Author Interview 1)     When did you know you wanted to be an author?  I think, to some degree, I’ve always known. When I was little I used to craft stories about fairy gardens and frogs, and I’d […]

10 Publisher Red Flags

No two publishers are the same. What works for you, might not work for others. If you’re happy with an eBook only, then you can go for an eBook publisher. People who want nothing more than to hold a print copy of their book in their hands, are perhaps better off looking for a print and eBook publisher. If your […]

Author Interview with Paul Byers

I’m hosting an author interview today with author Paul Byers, the author of Catalyst, a World War II Spy Thriller. Thanks for answering my questions, Paul! Author Interview 1) When did you know you wanted to be an author?           I took some creative writing classes in college but didn’t really do anything with them. Then about 15 years ago, my […]

Author Interview with B.R. Kingsolver

I’m hosting an author interview today with B.R. Kingsolver, the author of paranormal romance novel Succubus Rising. Thanks for answering my questions, B.R.! Author Interview 1)      When did you know you wanted to be an author? I think I’ve always sort of daydreamed of how neat it would be to write books and be able to travel and work on […]

Weekly Writing Goals #9

Each week, I write down my writing goals and I update the list at the end of the week, adding new goals. I fell ill halfway through the week, which greatly reduced my writing time. Here’s the list of things I wanted to do last week. The one’s crossed out are the ones I actually recieved. Work on revisions for […]

10 Steps to Writing a Successful Query Letter

Querying is not for the faint of heart. Contrary to popular belief, most authors find writing a query letter harder than writing an entire manuscript. I’m right there with them. There’s nothing as mindblowing as having to narrow down your entire storyline until you’ve found what’s truly important, and then putting it in two or three paragraphs. In this post, […]

Weekend Writing Warriors (2)

I enjoyed Weekend Writing Warriors the last time around, so I decided to participate again. This time around, I’m going to show you a small scene from my current work-in-progress, NA Paranormal Mystery / Romance, Ghostslayer. Alex shrugs. “I like to live one day at a time. You should try it once. It keeps the stress levels down.” “Was that […]