Weekly Writing Goals

Wednesday Weekly Writing Goals #6

Last week was terrible in terms of writing. First, it was my week off, and my boyfriend had taken the week off as well. I thought that meant writing time, but instead it meant ‘going out time’. It was fun though. Sometimes you forget, after locking yourself up for six weeks to study eight to twelve hours a day, that there’s a world out there, and it’s fun and vibrant, and ten times as enjoyable as staying inside to study.

I went to see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and analyzed the entire plot and script just for fun. Hah! I thought the movie had a great concept though.

But as in terms of writing, the only thing I managed to do was edit chapter four of Ghostslayer and start on chapter five. So my goals for this week are the same than for last week:

  • Edit chapter four and five of Ghostslayer (around 10k words).
  • Write first draft Valentina and the Masked Mummy (picture book).
  • Revise chapter six, seven, eight and nine of Ghostslayer (around 20-30k words).
  • Write 20k words in Ghostslayer (currently 50k/80k words -> reach 70k/80k words).
  • Critique a chapter for my critique partners.
  • Revise chapter five Allegro Academy and send to critique partners.

I’m also working on the edits for Valentina and the Haunted Mansion, so that’ll take up some of my time as well.

Plus, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. My Mom’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, so that means we’re going to celebrate twice. On the downside though, our exam results will go online on Valentine’s Day as well, so I’m not as happy about it as I could be.

What are your writing goals for this week?


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