Monday Musings

Monday Musings #9

Every Monday, I try to give a recap of last week’s events on my blog and writing-related.

  1. I’m currently at 17,5k words in my YA paranormal romance WIP The Unnaturals. I should be on 22-24k right now, so I’m behind and I’ll have to catch up if I want to reach my weekly goal.
  2. Second and third chapter of Ghostslayer have been edited so far, and I’m going to try and squeeze in chapter four tomorrow.
  3. I wrote about a bazillion reviews for on my book review blog but somehow forgot to write any for next week, which means I’ll have to write like crazy to catch up on that.
  4. Generally, I’ve mostly been studying. I have an exam for uni today (yep!) so wish me luck!

What did you do last week?

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