Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday (1)

I’m participating in Six Sentence Sunday for the very first time with a few sentences from my newest WIP, a YA paranormal romance novel tentatively titled “The Unnaturals“.

These are six sentences from the second chapter:

She puts the schedule in her book bag, and then holds my hand while we go out of the classroom. Emerson and Georgina wait for us at the door, shooting scared glances over our shoulders, to where the Unnatural still hasn’t moved. This is the first time in my entire time at high school that we went to the next class as a group, and it wasn’t because we wanted to talk about our summer holidays. In fact, none of us spoke a word until we reached the next class.

We were afraid, all of us. Afraid of the monster that had crawled its way into our school.

Feel free to link to your Six Sentence Sunday in the post below – I’m looking forward to reading more of your WIP!

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