Reaching 50k words in WIP Ghostslayer

I’m happy. Not only because I don’t have school – which is, awesome, by the way – but also because I managed to reach the big 50k on Ghostslayer, my current WIP. Ghostslayer is a bit of an odd ball. I started writing the manuscript because I had a random idea – and then got stuck at around 5k. I came up with another idea, and raced through 30k. But then, the story was stuck again. I decided to create an outline, but postponed it for months because I coudln’t come up with a storyline that interested me enough. Right before I began working on Reflected (Mirrorland #2), I came up with a storyline for Ghostslayer, but it took me until after nearly finishing Reflected before I could write the rest of the book.

I’ve written 20k in Ghostslayer this month. Not as much as I’d hoped, but still. The month isn’t over yet. I hope to bring it to 55k by the end of July, and then finish it in August. The upside is that I already sent the first three chapters to a critique partner, and I’m honestly looking forward to editing this one. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about all my manuscripts! 🙂

Getting this far in Ghostslayer has some unexpected results as well. In August, I want to start on my Camp NaNo project. It won’t be Shattered (Mirrorland #3) although I hope to finish Reflected in August. It will be something new and exciting, tentatively titled Evermore. It’s YA, and I like the concept. I have some other side projects I’ve recently started thanks to the sudden burst of inspiration I’ve got from writing Ghostslayer, but these are just random ideas. Maybe they’ll take shape, maybe they’ll just torment me for all eternity without ever forming a full story. We’ll see. I’m glad with the progress so far.

Here’s to another 20-30k and reaching the end in Ghostslayer!

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