What 2012 Brought Me

I thought it would be a good idea to look back on what happened in 2012. Some amazing things happened, and I hardly ever stop to think about it all, which is kind of sad. So now I’m taking the time to do so and celebrate the good things brought to me in 2012. I signed a contract for Fractured, […]

NaNoWriMo Progress #3: I won!

This is the fastest NaNoWriMo win for me EVER. Hah. Most years I tend to forget about NaNo until half way through, or I do participate but end up with only half a plot and zero inspiration, and finish nowhere. I was pretty proud when I won Camp NaNoWriMo this year in June, but I’m even more proud this time […]

Monday Musings #4

Every Monday, I will post a quick recap of last week’s events. Feel free to join and/or link your own recap! Writing. I wrote 3k in The Ghosts of Dr. Weird, a chapter book I’m working on. I aim for 10k for the first draft, and then an extensive round of edits before I let it rest for a while. […]

All these villains…

This post is inspired by a thread on AbsoluteWrite talking about antagonists. The thread actually got me thinking more about the antagonists in my current WIP and I’m amazed. Why? Because I have so many! Warning: This post will be rather vague, with mentions of MC1, MC2 and A1 (which means Antagonist 1), as opposed to actual names. Why? Because […]