Websites Revamped

I spent most of last week revamping three of my websites. I’m working on the fourth one now, and then I have some updates and tweaks to do on here. Next up, I’ll probably work some more on my horror blog and maybe on secret project #1 or #2. Anyway, here’s what I’ve done so far. Click on the pictures […]

The White Screen of Death

This morning, I woke up way too early. The sun wasn’t even up yet. So I decided, feeling like I could take on the world, to update the WordPress installation on Enchanted Book Promotions and the WordPress theme (the latter hadn’t been updated in say, years. ) Of course, thie white screen of death happened. Not when I was working […]

WordPress Tips: File Permissions

WordPress file permissions are regarded as a necessary evil by some bloggers. It’s always something – if your permissions aren’t correct, then your content becomes unwritable in the WordPress editor, or you can’t add permalinks to your .htaccess file without having to tweak it manually, or you can’t install plugins or themes. So, some people just put all their file […]