Guest Post The Muse Book Tour

I’m happy to host a guest post today by Kenya Wright, author of multicultural mystery romance “The Muse”. I’ll leave the word to Kenya Wright now. People who really love The Muse, tend to send me excited emails about the art installations showcased within in the mystery romance novel. The best part about writing the story was the art research. For […]

Author Interview with J.E. and M. Keep

I’m interviewing authors J.E. and M. Keep today on my blog. They’re the author duo behind post-apocalyptic, science fiction, romance novel “When Dreamers Wake”. Thanks for answering my questions, Joshua and Michelle! Author Interview When did you know you wanted to become an author? It wasn’t really until it was almost already a reality. We’d been writing since we were […]

Author Interview with T.R. Horne

I’m hosting an interview today with T.R. Horne, the author of “Breaking Möbius”. Thank you for answering my interview questions, T.R. Author Interview When did you know you wanted to become an author? It’s funny because I didn’t really think about being an author until about a year ago. I knew it was a dream but not one that seemed […]

Author Interview with Shyla Colt

I’m hosting an interview with Shyla Colt, the author of romantic suspense novel “Cast The Cards”. Enjoy the interview! 1) When did you know you wanted to become an author?   I’m not sure when, but I knew it was at a young age. If you go back to the old school what do you want to be projects of pre-teen […]

Author Interview with Annette Gisby

I’m hosting an interview today with romance author Annette Gisby, the author of fantasy romance novel “The Chosen”. Thanks for answering my questions, Annette! The Interview 1) Can you tell us a bit about your latest novel, The Chosen? The Chosen is a fantasy novel set in an alternate world where magic is real, with some political and court intrigue, […]

Cover Reveal Party Finding Amy

We’re hosting the cover reveal for “Finding Amy”, a suspenseful romance novel by author Carol Braswell. We’re also giving away 3 Amazon Gift Cards for $10 each to 3 lucky winners! If that isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is! Without further ado, here is the cover of “Finding Amy”… What begins in Montana as routine for Texas Ranger Carson […]

Author Interview with Rose Wynters

I’m hosting an interview today with Rose Wynters, the author of paranormal romance novel Curvaceous Condemnation. Rose is touring with her book from May 13th to May 20th, and my blog is one of the tour stops. I’m glad to feature Rose on my blog today, and I hope you enjoy the interview. The Interview 1) When did you know […]

Author Interview with Nicole McDonald

I’m happy to host Nicole McDonald on my blog with an interview today. Thanks for answering my questions, Nicole! 1) When did you know you wanted to be an author? I never knew I wanted to be an author. I’ve always loved reading and while I admired my favourite authors greatly, the actual idea of writing was far too intimidating. […]

Release Day Party Eighty-Eight Keys

We’re celebrating the release day party of romantic suspense novel Eighty-Eight Keys today. Get your copy of Eighty-Eight Keys now! Visit the author’s website: Eighty-Eight Keys Title: Eighty-Eight Keys Author: Catherine Lavender Genre: Romance/Suspense Leah is a young woman who is trying to break free from a strict religious background and pursue her dream as a pianist in the […]

Author Interview with S.P. Wilcox

I’m hosting an author interview today with contemporary romance author S.P. WIlcox. S.P. Wilcox is the author of two novels: Wishful Thinking and Not Another Wish. The Interview 1.      When did you know you wanted to be an author? I didn’t know I wanted to be an author.  Actually as a child I hated to read.  As an adult I […]