Monthly Goals August 2019

I forgot to write down my monthly goals for July, but I did actually manage to do quite a bit in July and finish some of my larger goals. For August, I want to stick to a rather strict writing regime and tackle some projects that have been on the backburner for a while. Here are my goals for August: […]

Monthly Goals June 2019

A new month, time for some new goals. I didn’t do too well on my goals for last month, so I hope I can make up for it this June, although the month is looking pretty busy already… Finish first draft of Wicked Blood (Blood Witch #1). Total: 0k/60-70k words. Review three books for Ind’Tale Magazine (Total: 0/3). Review five […]

Monthly Goals April 2019

I didn’t make any goals for March, since the month was way too hectic, but I plan on making up for that. Here are my goals for April 2019: Write a short story per week (total: 0/4). Finish rewrite of Allegro Academy Book #1: Symphony of the Departed. Write two blog posts on my author blog per week (total: 0/8). […]

Monthly Goals February 2019

I didn’t do too bad on my January goals, so I’m keeping up the process and decided to set some goals for myself this February. I had intended to post this yesterday, but as usual, life got in the way…So I hope I do better this month! Here are my February goals: Proofread The Sign of The Serpent prior to […]

My Bullet Journal

I like to get organized. I like the feel of having a neat calendar or agenda where I can keep track of everything, or even a journal for that matter, or a task or to do list. I love scratching off items from a to do list. The only problem? I can get organized…for a while. I always tend to […]

Monthly Goals January 2019

I think I’m cursed that whenever I set myself some goals, I tend to stick to it for like a month… And then I fail utterly. Same as with this series of blog posts, each year I start again with good intentions… And then I fail utterly. But I keep on trying, and maybe, just maybe, 2019 will be the […]

Yearly Goals 2019

Rather than refer to these as “New Year’s Resolutions”, as I did for the previous years (check here my goals for 2016, 2017 and 2018) this year I’m going to refer to these as my yearly goals for the year. So rather than my writing resolutions for next year, here is my list of goals ofr next year. Draft one […]

Monthly Goals October 2018

Okay, I’ll be honest. I haven’t done a monthly goals post in a while. The main reason is… I’ve been tired. The whole summer, I’ve felt tired. Stressed. And I needed some time off. A lot of things happened too, things that I’ll talk about on my blog, but not just yet. Rewrite / Revise Allegro Academy #1, the first […]

Monthly Goals June 2018

May has come and gone in the blink of an eye! Wow. But I did a LOT of stuff last month, so I’m pretty pleased with my progress so far. Here’s a look at my May goals and progress: Write two blog posts on my blog per week. Total: 8/8. DONE Rewrite / Revise Allegro Academy #1, the first book […]

Monthly Goals May 2018

Time for some new monthly goals! I didn’t do very well on my goals during the last few months, but I’m determined to make more progress this month. Anyway, here’s a rundown of my goals for May. Write two blog posts on my blog per week. Total: 0/8. Rewrite / Revise Allegro Academy #1, the first book in the Allegro […]