The Adventures of Marisol Homes: All About Jaguars

In The Adventures of Marisol Homes: A Study in Shifters, our main character, Marisol, is a half-human / half-jaguar shifter. Her mother is a full blood jaguar shifter. Of course, I couldn’t write about jaguar shifters without doing some research into jaguars. Turns out, jaguars are actually pretty amazing. They’re the third-largest big cat, after the tiger and lion, and […]

Author Interview with Amanda Meuwissen

I’m interviewing Amanda Meuwissen today, author of YA M/M paranormal romance Life as a Teenage Vampire. Thanks for visiting! When did you know you wanted to be an author?  I forget the exact age, 15 I think. I had written a fanfic dealing with suicide – an alternate ending to someone else’s fic that ended in tragedy, with the author’s […]