Book Trailer Blitz Your Bridal Style

Book Trailer About the Book Your wedding day is possibly the most important day of your life, and your wedding dress may be the most important garment you will ever wear. Why not take control of the entire process of planning your ideal wedding – one that is fun, intimate and uniquely your own? In Your Bridal Style, award-winning bridal […]

Author Interview with LeNae Goolsby

Today I’m interviewing LeNae Goolsby, author of nonfiction “Seven Sundays to Sweet Inner Serenity”. Welcome to my blog! Author Interview When did you know you wanted to be an author?  I have always loved writing. From poetry to song lyrics as a teenager to spiritual-centric articles to finally moving into creating books.   What inspired you to write “Seven Sundays […]

Author Interview with Sal Di Leo

I’m interviewing Sal Di Leo, author of nonfiction “Did I Ever Thank You, Sister?” today. Welcome to my blog! Author Interview When or why did you decide to write your book? “This was my first and only book. I wasn’t intending on writing a book when I started out, I just wanted to write down what had happened in my […]

Author Interview with Joseph Kassabian

Please welcome Joseph Kassabian to my blog today, author of nonfiction / war memoir “The Hooligans of Kandahar”. Welcome, and thanks for answering my interview questions. Author Interview When did you know you wanted to be an author? I think it was first real career choice as a kid, slightly after “Astronaut” and “Professional Hockey player”. What inspired you to […]

Author Interview with Allan Sealy

I’m interviewing Allan Sealy today, author of self-help / spirituality “Vision: Seeing is Achieving”. Welcome to my blog! When did you know you wanted to be an author? I never had any aspirations in becoming an author. It’s just something that evolved from desire to become an expert in human potential. This led me to write monthly articles in a […]

Author Interview with Heidi Siefkas

Today I’m interviewing Heidi Siefkas, author of “Cubicle to Cuba”. Welcome, Heidi, and thank you for answering my questions. Author Interview 1) Do you think you’ve changed as an author in between writing your first book and your latest book? ​Absolutely. I’ve gotten better as a writer. The core style of short vignettes and an authentic voice have remained the […]

Author Interview with Alan Murphy

Author Interview When did you know you wanted to be an author?  Oh I’ve dreamed of being an author ever since I was a little kid. I always loved writing and knew without doubt that I’d one day write a book. It’s been a lifelong ambition of mine. The showbiz world totally fascinates me and that’s where I decided to […]

Release Blitz Finding Mom

About the Book Title: Finding Mom Author: Amanda Mawhinney Genre: Nonfiction Vitality. Passion. Tranquility. Do any of these words currently describe you? Finding Mom will reawaken your dreams and help you to find and reinvent yourself. Sometimes we love being a mom, but get frustrated when motherhood takes over our life. You are a mom and so much more. That’s […]

Author Interview with Carla Jenkins

Today I’m interviewing Carla Jenkins, author of business/nonfiction “Expand Your Personal Brand”. Welcome to my blog. Author Interview When did you know you wanted to be an author? When I was 6 years old. My first-grade reading teacher had us create our own books. My mother sewn cardboard together to make me one. What inspired you to write Expand Your […]