Author Interview with Clemency Crow

Today I’m interviewing Clemency Crow, author of middle grade adventure “Taking Wing”. Thanks for visiting! 1) What inspired you to start a writing career? I’ve always loved writing, but I never considered putting my work out there until two years ago. My sister, Virginia, published her first book. It was a HUGE event, filled with fun, and I started thinking […]

Release Blitz Dreams Illuminate

About the Book Title: Dreams Illuminate Author: Michelle Iden and Emerson Miller Genre: Middle Grade Urban Fantasy Mystery “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” –Albert Einstein What could possibly be happening to Emerson Hill? When she touches an index card, the first color in a rainbow […]

Author Interview with Sunayna Prasad

Author Interview Why did you decide to create a second edition of “From Frights to Flaws”? I was disappointed that Amazon kept deleting my book’s reviews, thus my overall rating got lower. Also, sales were not so great. The reviews were fine, but I decided that I could get better reviews if I updated some minor content. The cover has […]

Author Interview with Sunayna Prasad

I’m interviewing Sunayna Prasad, author of MG fantasy “Wizardry Goes Wild”. Thanks for answering my questions. Author Interview 1)   Was it more difficult to write the sequel than to write the first book in your series? Definitely! It was incredibly difficult to get enough backstory and make the novel stand on its own. Several editors and readers have told me […]

Promo Post From Frights to Flaws

About the Book Title: From Frights to Flaws Author: Sunayna Prasad Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy     Twelve-year-old Alyssa McCarthy is sick of her uncle’s unfair rules and longs for a better life. After discovering the existence of magic, she finds out about a dark wizard hunting her down. An unforgettable storm occurs in Alyssa’s ordinary New Jersey town before the […]

Author Interview with Suzanne de Montigny

I’m interviewing Suzanne de Montigny today, author of MG fantasy “The Shadow of the Unicorn II: The Deception”. Welcome to my blog, Suzanne, and thanks for answering my questions. 1) When did you know you wanted to be an author? I really enjoyed writing as a child and wrote my first novella in grade six, but I didn’t really take […]

Author Interview with M.E. Sutton

I’m interviewing M.E. Sutton, author of “Snake in the Grass: Hero’s Sword Vol. 4” , a middle grade fantasy novel. Welcome to my blog, and thanks for visiting! When did you know you wanted to be an author?  Me: I think I first wanted to write a story when I was 13. And I was pretty good and pretty bad […]

Author Interview with Wayne A.D. Kerr

I’m interviewing Wayne A.D. Kerr, author of MG paranormal adventure “Escape from Area 51”. Welcome to my blog, and thanks for answering my interview questions. Author Interview 1. When did you know you wanted to be an author? I did some screen writing when I was younger.  Mostly for commercials, but a few spec scripts, as well.  However,  I found […]