Upcoming Cover Reveal Ghostslayer

As avid readers will know, my new adult paranormal / urban fantasy novel Ghostslayer got picked up by Fire Quill Publishing. I couldn’t be happier about that. So far, the process has been great. And… They’ve provided me with a GORGEOUS cover. I’m talking extremely gorgeous. I’m so in love with this cover I just want to stare at it […]

Monday Musings #35

Last month, I set myself some pretty steep goals, such as writing a novel (first draft) in a month, finishing up my proofreading projects, starting out on a weekly newsletter for on my book review blog,  blogging three times a week on here, writing 4 short stories, and then working on a first draft of a second novel, up to […]

Monthly Goals August 2014

Each month, I write down my writing-related goals and track my progress. I skipped June and July (bad, bad author!) but now I’m back in the game. Write more content on the blog. I neglected my blog for the last two months, mostly because I was too busy studying, writing, catching up on deadlines, and so on. But I’m back […]

Monthly Goals June 2013

Each month, I’ll write down my writing goals for this month. Since I have exams coming up in June (from June 1st to June 22nd) I’ll spend most of my time studying as opposed to writing, so I’ll save most of my ‘larger’ writing goals fo the summer holidays in July and August. Either way, here are my goals for […]

Weekly Writing Goals #7

Each week, I write down my writing goals for the week and I take a look at what goals I managed to meet last week and which ones I didn’t. February was a bit dissapointing in terms of writing. Not a lot of inspiration, and I just got back into work for uni after exams, so I was trying to […]

Monthly Goals February 2013

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to keep track of my writing goals each month and to write them down on this blog. Here are my goals for February: Edit chapter four and five of Ghostslayer (around 10k words). Revise chapter six, seven, eight and nine of Ghostslayer (around 20-30k words). Write until the end of the first draft […]

Wednesday Weekly Writing Goals #2

Each Wednesday, I will list my weekly writing goals, and take a look at how I did last week. You’re welcome to join in! Here’s how I did on last week’s goals. Things that have been crossed out are goals I accomplished. Write 14k words in The Unnaturals. Reach a total of 14k words. Edit first chapter of Ghostslayer (3994 […]

Monthly Goals for January 2013

One of my New Year’s goals is to keep track of my writing goals every month, and take a look at them at the end of the month and which ones I’ve achieved. Here are my goals for January 2013: Edit the first five chapters of Ghostslayer (around 30k words). Revise chapter six, seven, eight and nine of Ghostslayer (around […]

Monday Musings #6

Every Monday, I post a quick recap of last week’s events on my blog. CampNaNo. I started on my Camp NaNo project, tentatively titled “Evermore”. I’ve only managed to finish the first chapter by now, and I’m at 4k words. But it’s a start. Even if I don’t win CampNaNo, although I’ll try to, I’ll at least have written something. […]