Monday Musings #52

Monday Musings is a post in which I talk about my writing goals for the upcoming week. I was a bad student and barely made any Monday Musings posts last year, but I promise to do better this year. I hope. I also didn’t make a New Year’s Resolutions post this year, simply because well… I always fail at resolutions. […]

Monthly Goals October 2019

I’m starting to think time is cursed and the hours at just flying by at rocket-speed. September went by even faster than August. I’m in serious need of some down-time I think. But Halloween and Christmas are coming up, and those are my favorite times of the year. Anyway, I did already tackle some things in October, and I have […]

Monday Musings #36

I haven’t been doing well keeping up with my goals this month. I had a holiday last week, and instead of getting productive, I was lazy and didn’t do all the writing-related things I had planned. I did manage to visit family and friends that I hadn’t seen in a while, so I did do something…just not writing. So I’m […]

My editing process

Inspired by a post on Paper Fury, I wanted to talk about my own editing process too. First of all, I hate editing. I don’t mind when I’m in that final stage and all that is left is editing some typos and checking spelling/grammar and maybe change a sentence here and there. But in the first phase of editing, when […]

Monday Musings #29

Each Monday, I recap all the events of the past week. Drafting. I’m at 14k in my YA novella “The Gatekeeper“. I hope to fnish the novella by the end of the week. I’m still studying like crazy, so it’ll be quite hectic. At this point, I think it’ll end up being 16-20k words. Editing. Still working on edits for […]

Monday Musings #26

Each Monday, I recap the writing-related events of the last week and talk about them on my blog. Awesome giveaway time! Because I got to host a day during my publisher’s “circus week”, I set up a giveaway for the event. Everyone can participate! Giveaway is international, and winner will receive a signed copy of Valentina and the Haunted Mansion, […]

Monday Musings #23

Each Monday, I recap the writing-related events of the last week and talk about them on my blog. Fright Train. Edits and formatting is done for “Fright Train”, the third book in the Weirdville series. This is another stand-alone horror story for kids ages 6-11, which will be available on December 9. NaNoWriMo. I won NaNoWriMo but I didn’t get […]

Monday Musings #22

Each Monday, I recap the writing-related events of the last week and talk about them on my blog. Editing. Edits are finished for “House of Horrors”. I’m still waiting on the edits for “Fright Train”, but I’m glad I didn’t have to rush through all of them in one week! Formatting. Formatting is done for eBook and print versions of […]

Monthly Goals October 2013

Each month, I write down my monthly writing goals in an attempt to achieve more of my goals and stop procastinating. For October, I’ll probably be pretty busy with university classes starting again, so I’ll try not to tackle too much at once! Write guest posts for “Valentina and the Haunted Mansion” tour, which runs from October 1st to November […]

Monday Musings #17

Every Monday, I recap all writing-related events that happened last week. The last two weeks, I didn’t have a Monday Musings post, because I was busy celebrating the launch of two of my books! So this time, I’ll talk about the events of the last few weeks. Fractured. “Fractured” launched on September 16. I can’t begin to tell you how […]